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Pro-Trump pastor: If we don’t have a miracle in 2024, God will judge America

During a recent sermon, Mississippi pro-Trump pastor Shane Vaughn warned that if Republicans don’t do well in upcoming elections, America is headed for God’s judgement.

While screaming, Vaughn read a passage from the bible, telling his parishioners to get out the vote for Trump-loving conservatives.

“Listen to me — if we don’t have a miracle in the midterms, if we don’t have a miracle in ’24, I dare tell you it is over,” Vaughn declared.

Sounding like an even more deranged Sam Kinison, Vaughn continued to tell the audience that they alone can save the nation.

“There is no more stopping the judgement of God in this nation,” he continued. “God is depending on you to get involved, to get concerned, to give a care about his nation.”

Watch the video below, via Right Wing Watch:

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