Pro-Trump ‘prophet’ warns of ‘mermaids and water people’ during speech at event that featured Eric Trump

Over the past weekend, people gathered at former President Donald Trump’s Doral resort for a weekend conference of conservative figures, many of whom are known for disseminating conspiracy theories.

The ReAwaken America Tour featured Christian speakers, some of whom are in Trump’s inner circle. According to its founder Clay Clark, the tour’s mission is to save America by exposing the truth about elections, healthcare, and the media.

One speaker at the event was self-proclaimed “prophet” Amanda Grace, who is the founder of Ark of Grace Ministries. In her speech, Grace warned of the “wickedness” and “perversion” of “seductive, seducing spirits” and claimed imagery of mermaids in advertising and entertainment was proof of that.

“And we have to understand what we’re dealing with. And we have to understand the rules of engagement in spiritual warfare. And we are meant for hand-to-hand combat,”  she declared.

“Darkness has completely eclipsed the White House of this nation.”

Also featured at the event was Eric Trump and his wife Laura, Roger Stone, Mike Lindell, Sydney Powell, and other people from Trumplandia.

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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