QAnon cultist slowly comes back to reality: ‘None of it has come true’

A video posted to Reddit shows a woman saying that when it comes to the QAnon conspiracy cult, she “went a little too far down the rabbit hole.”

“So, who else is feeling just a little silly?” the woman says in a video that was apparently posted before Joe Biden’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

“I went too far down the rabbit hole, now I’m back out again — and it nothing happens on the 20th, how many of you are going to feel stupid as hell? And who the f*** is Q? Who is it? Who is this person? Because none of it has come true, and I was just thinking — what if this person knows that none of this stuff is true and they’re just messing with people, like getting inside their heads.”

She went on to say that she hoped “something would happen today in Trump’s speech,” presumably referring to Trump’s farewell address on his final day as president this Tuesday. But alas, “Nothing.”

Watch the video below:

Qanon nut feels pretty stupid after realizing that none of Qanon’s ridiculous predictions came true from r/InterestingVideoClips

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Sky Palma

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