Report indicates that kindergarteners understand more about climate science than Ted Cruz

According to a report card prepared by eight climate and biological scientists, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) has the worst understanding of climate science of all of the 2016 presidential candidates.

While Cruz had the worst score amongst the GOP, Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush scored the highest in his party, with a climate science understanding rating of 64. The highest score over all was democratic front runner Hillary Clinton, with a score of 94.

The scientists also took points from Sen. Bernie Sanders’ (I-VT) score for his statement, saying:

“The planet that we’re going to be leaving our kids and our grandchildren may well not be habitable.”

According to the AP, Andrew Dessler, a climate scientist at Texas A&M University, thinks this is an exaggeration.

“I would not say that the planet will become uninhabitable. Regardless of what we do, some humans will survive.”

Sanders was the lowest scoring democratic presidential candidate, with a score of 87, which still places him far above highest scoring GOP candidate, Gov. Jeb Bush. 

Here are the scores of every candidate from highest to lowest, via the AP:

Graphic shows results of survey of scientists on candidates’ statements on climate change; 2c x 5 inches; 96.3 mm x 127 mm;

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