Right wing activist blames ‘demonic possession’ for Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia

Walid Shoebat, the extreme right wing Christian activist who launched the fraudulent conspiracy theory claiming Gold Star dad Khazr Khan was a Muslim Brotherhood spy, now has a theory about what caused Hillary Clinton’s recent bout of pneumonia.

Writing on his website shoebat.com, Shoebat refers to a claim from author and journalist Bob Woodward who said Hillary once had “imaginary conversations with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi as a therapeutic release.”

According to Shoebat, these “conversations” opened her up to demonic possession, which is now manifesting itself in her health.

Hillary’s “channeling,” as Shoebat calls it, “invites oppression or even demonic possession…”

“The election is around the corner,” Shoebat writes. “Unless Hillary converts to Christianity, her condition is permanent.”

Of course, today’s world cannot admit, all this is simply symptoms (sic) of demonic possession or affliction. However one sees this situation, Hillary’s symptoms are crystal clear which has every single element in the combination symptoms she displays. According to Edward Klein’s forthcoming book, Unlikeable — The Problem with Hillary, “political insiders” say Hillary is tired, depressed, and plagued by “blinding headaches,” bouts of insomnia, and “near-fainting spells” on the campaign trail which are kept secret.

In the article, Shoebat embedded a video showing a man having a coughing fit that was purportedly brought on by a “ghost.” The video gave Shoebat a launching point to mention another Hillary health conspiracy.

If Hillary releases her medical records, there will probably reveal she has ‘minor’ issues, but nothing to explain the signs of these physical conditions and a ‘pneumonia’ will be the preferred cover, of course. But this does not explain the longevity of this coughing.

And just like [in the video], where they had to use Diazepam, we also find this same Diazepam with Hillary’s handler, carrying this “sedative” and “tranquilizer” as he accompanies Hillary.

Via shoebat.com
Concluding the long, rambling article, Shoebat warns that “attractions to opening the portal of the demonic realm is everywhere, no matter what label the media slaps or cellophane wrap (sic) ancient demonic channeling, people and voters need to beware.”

Demons have officially entered the 2016 election, folks.

[Right Wing Watch]

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