Roger Stone: Donald Trump ‘is the greatest single mistake in American history’

The Washington Post has obtained documentary footage of Roger Stone as he worked to help former President Donald Trump’s effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election.

In one segment of the footage, Stone lets loose on Trump, calling him “a disgrace” and expressing support for him to be impeached. “He betrayed everybody,” Stone said

On Jan. 20 2021, inauguration day, angered that Trump pardoned Steve Bannon, who The Guardian describes as “a rival for Trump’s attentions,” Stone reportedly said Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, was “going to get a beating.”

“He needs to have a beating. And needs to be told, ‘This time we’re just beating you. Next time we’re killing you,’” he said, referring to Kushner.

“No, it isn’t joking. Not joking. It’s not a joke,” Stone clarified, adding that Kushner should be “punished in the most brutal possible way” and would be “braindead when I get finished with him.”

Stone then said Trump deserved to be impeached and his presidency was the “greatest single mistake in American history”.

“A good, long sentence in prison will give him a chance to think about it, because the southern district is coming for him, and he did nothing,” Stone said, referring to prosecutors in New York investigating Trump’s business.

Stone also mocked Trump’s potential plan to run again, saying: “Run again! You’ll get your fucking brains beat in.”

“Obviously if you use any of that, I’ll murder you,” he told the filmmakers.

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Sky Palma

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