Sandy Hook ‘truther’ professor allegedly harassed a 6 year-old victim’s family

Florida Atlantic University recommended that professor James Tracy be terminated from his position after a family of a Sandy Hook victim accused him of harassment, last week.

Tracy, a Sandy Hook “truther,” is an associate professor in FAU’s School of Communication & Multimedia Studies. In a WFOR report, Tracy has 10 days to appeal the university’s decision.

The parents of Noah Ponzer, a 6-year-old killed in the Newton, CT shootings, wrote an op-ed in the Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, accusing Tracy of harassing them for proof that their son did not die.

Tracy claims that the Ponzer’s son “died twice,” once at Sandy Hook, and again at Peshawar Army School in Afghanistan. He allegedly sent the Ponzers a certified letter that demanded that the family prove that Noah lived, was their child, and that they owned the rights to his photograph.

When the parents refused to answer the letter, Tracy ridiculed and accused them of financially profiting from the tragedy by tricking “misinformed Americans in his blog.” The Ponzers demanded that FAU take responsibility for Tracy’s actions and terminate the professor.

“FAU has a civic responsibility to ensure that it does not contribute to the ongoing persecution of the countless Americans who’ve lost their loved ones to high-profile acts of violence,” the parents wrote.

Tracy is no stranger to controversy. In 2013, the FAU officials warned Tracy about his blog rantings and conspiracy theories because he failed to make it clear that his opinions were personal and did not reflect Florida Atlantic University.

Tracy released a book entitled “No One Died at Sandy Hook,” detailing his theories claiming to reveal what really happened at Sandy Hook Elementary.

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