Sarah Palin to lead climate change panel at premier of climate-denying documentary she’s featured in

Sarah Palin, who is currently making headlines for endorsing Donald Trump with a series of statements that redefine the definition of the word “incoherent,” will headline a panel on climate change.

Palin, who has no scientific background and openly opposes climate change, will lead a panel following the premier of Climate Hustle, a new climate-denialist documentary.

The film sets out to debunk the theories of global warming and man-made climate change, and was put together by the Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, an anti-global warming advocacy group that receives funding from Exon, Chevron, and several other companies with ties to oil and other industries.

Palin, known for her outspoken views against climate change, will headline the panel. She says that the documentary debunks global warming in a way that is easy to understand for any audience.

“I’m very passionate about this issue,” Palin says the documentary. “We’ve been told by fear-mongers that global warming is due to man’s activities and this presents strong arguments against that in a very relatable way.”

Although it was initially reported that Bill Nye would debate Palin on the panel, Nye denied that he was even invited. Nye is best known for his long-running children’s science program. He currently makes appearances on talk shows where he is known for speaking about global warming. Nye, like most respected scientists, believes that global warming is a real phenomenon that humans have accelerated.

The panel debate will take place on May 2, and will be streamed live to movie theaters across the country. Although Nye will likely not be on the panel at all, the event promises that several other expert panelists will be in attendance.

Featured image: myfoxdfw (Flickr)

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