‘Satanist’ demonstrates how trolling Christians is a form of high art

Late July in Detroit, a crowd of several hundred people gathered to see the unveiling of the Satanic Temple’s newest statue – a 9-foot, 2,000-pound image of Baphomet, you know…the creepy occult idol that used to freak you out in your youth.

As an adult, you’ll probably agree that occult imagery is pretty ridiculous and cheesy. But it seems that fundamentalist Christians and hardcore Catholics take this stuff pretty seriously, because you know…SATAN.

It’s hard to know if the people at the Detroit gathering really believe in the Dark Lord, but one thing is for sure – they’re pulling off one of the most successful trolling jobs on Christians in history.

Then there’s the guy in the video below (who is actually a fairly well-known comedian). A local news crew (which I couldn’t identify) interviewed some of the “Satanists” at the unveiling, and it’s clear that they think the whole thing is a joke — which makes the Christian protesters picketing the event look even more silly. Hail Satan.

[Update, 8/27/15]: Via The Daily Dot: [The] man in the video is, in fact, director/actor Andrew Bowser. When I spoke to Bowser on the phone, he told me that he wasn’t even at the Satan statue’s unveiling, and had edited himself into the news segment. When asked if he was actually a Satanist, he told me: “No, but I do have interest in the occult and supernatural things.” He hosts a podcast called Bizarre States with Jessica Chobot: They explore ghost stories, murders, and other spooky sh*t.


Featured image via YouTube (This post has been updated)

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