Sean Hannity seeks a safe space from The Onion

It takes a special kind of snowflake to get bent out of shape by satire, so much so that Sean Hannity took a break from propagating conspiracy theories to launch an attack on The Onion for being just another tool of “the left.”

Last month, the beloved satire website published an article with the headline, “Hundreds Of Miniature Sean Hannitys Burst From Roger Ailes’ Corpse,” with a featured image that graphically depicts a scene reminiscent of the movie Alien. On Thursday, Hannity tweeted a link to the article, saying, “What is wrong with the left that they think these sorts of things are funny?”

On this show last night, he devoted a whole segment to the Onion piece, focusing specifically on the “disturbing photo” it featured.

“I don’t really find it funny,” Hannity said. “It’s kinda like the Kathy Griffin decapitated ISIS look, holding [Trump’s] head with all the blood on it.”

“Now, I don’t particularly find this funny,” he continued. “By the way, nor does my 15-year-old daughter…”

Let’s just stop right there: Hannity is a man who the family of Seth Rich had to beg to stop disseminating fraudulent conspiracy theories about their dead son. F*ck him and his daughter.

[H/T The A.V. Club] Featured image via screen grab

Sky Palma

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