Seth MacFarlane brutally rips Phil Robertson and ‘Duck Dynasty’ during acceptance speech

Seth MacFarlane, creator of the Emmy Award winning series “Family Guy,” is a pretty outspoken critic of religious fundamentalism along with being a vocal proponent of LGBT rights. During his acceptance speech at Sunday night’s Critics’ Choice TV Awards, he took an opportunity to rip into the celebrity daddy of hellfire preachers and homophobes, Phil Robertson.

MacFarlane made the comments after he was given the Louis XIII Genius Award at the fifth annual award show, aired on A&E Network, which also airs Robertson’s show “Duck Dynasty.”

“Let’s not forget I’m being declared a genius on a network that airs ‘Duck Dynasty,’ a show whose cast members believe hurricanes are created by gay marriage,” MacFarlane said. “I wish I was joking.”


Sky Palma

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