Sheriff shoots and kills lost ‘gentle and loving’ family dog and throws it into a ditch

A family in Missouri is suing their local sheriff and two of his deputies after they allegedly killed their family dog in a “wholly unjustified” and “senseless” manner, the Riverfront Times reported.

Parker, who belonged to the Pennington family who live just outside Dexter, Missouri, was a gentle, loving dog ever since he was rescued by Bryan Pennington eight years ago, according to the suit.

From the Riverfront Times:

On August 27 of this year, a storm rocked the Pennington home and Parker wandered off, showing up on the doorstep of a woman named Hillary Mayberry. Mayberry posted on Facebook trying to locate Parker’s owner and called the Stoddard County Sheriff’s Department.

Stoddard County is southwest of Cape Girardeau, between Sikeston and Poplar Bluff.

Deputy Roger Seal arrived and put Parker in his patrol vehicle. Seal then allegedly took the dog to the Otter Slough Conservation Area, allowed it to run around briefly and then shot it once. Parker did not die immediately. Eight minutes later, Seal shot the dog again and threw its body in a ditch.

According to the suit, killing dogs in this manner without notifying the dog’s owners is standard routine for the Stoddard County Sheriff’s Department.

Sky Palma

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