Some Christians are freaking out over this photo of Joel Osteen

As a Catholic school 5th grader in the heavy metal days of 1985, I was given a stern warning for flashing the “Hang Loose” hand signal, which according to my principal was a bit too reminiscent of the universally known sieg heil to Satan. This past weekend, megachurch pastor Joel Osteen found himself in a similar predicament for flashing the real deal, thanks to some of his occult-wary fans on Twitter.

As reported by The Christian Post, Osteen and his wife Victoria were attending their son’s graduation from the University of Texas this weekend, when he posted a photo of himself and his son taking part in the time-honored tradition of flashing the “Hook’em Horns” hand sign.

Among the generally good-natured and congratulatory comments, some worried the presence of a potentially devilish signal could send the wrong message.

Victoria Osteen only fanned the flames by posting a photo of herself and her son flashing the horns. Some demanded to know if hailing Satan was a family affair:

Featured image via Twitter

Sky Palma

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