Suspected DUI driver plows into Oklahoma cop, declares ‘I’m God, b*tch!’

An Oklahoma woman calling herself “God” and singing Christian hymns, plowed into cop’s car with a stolen SUV last week.

Sand Springs Officer James Matthew Stacy caught the whole incident on his body camera during the high speed chase of 41-year-old Stacey Ann Bunsey, who was suspected to be driving under the influence.

The rampage began when police received reports of a stolen SUV. Officers caught up to the stolen car, but the driver failed to pull over and sped off as officers gave pursuit.

In the video, Bunsey rams into Stacy’s squad car, just missing the officer as he was putting down a spike strip. He was able to fire a few shots at the white SUV before hitting the police cruiser.

“It soon became apparent that I was not going to have time to do this,” Stacy said in a statement. “And she intended on trying to hurt or kill me.”

Bunsey then careens into a ditch where she finally comes to a halt. Luckily, Stacy was not seriously hurt and only suffered minor injuries.

“My only explanation was he was under the protection of God,” Police Chief Mike Carter said during a press conference following the incident.

As police approached the reckage, Bunsey pops out of the car’s sunroof yelling, “I’m God, b*tch! Welcome to hell!” while laughing and waving her hands.

Police swarmed the wrecked vehicle and demanded Bunsey to get out of the car. She ignored commands and continued to yell at police.

“This house is on fire! Burn this motherf*cker!” she screamed.

Police finally tasered her after repeated commands to comply with the officers instructions, sending Bunsey tumbling from the roof and back into the SUV.

Police eventually were able to pull her from the car and placed her under arrest. One officer started checking her for injuries, mentioning he wanted to make sure she did not “bleed out.”

“I don’t bleed out, I’m the Holy Spirit, b—h!” Bunsey said. “Now can you bow down?”

Watch, via NY Daily News:


A suspected Oklahoma DUI driver plowed a stolen SUV into a cop and his squad car, called herself God as she was Tased and sang Christian hymns while handcuffed — a bizarre saga chronicled on the officer’s body camera.

Posted by New York Daily News on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Featured image via screengrab

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