Testy John Kasich grabs recorder out of reporter’s hand after ‘you’ve only won Ohio’ comment

Republican presidential candidate John Kasich snapped when he was asked during an interview with a group of reporters on why he only won a single state.

Last weekend, Kasich was discussing his chances of winning the primary battle in New York on Tuesday when Demetri Sevastopulo from the Financial Times interrupted, asking why he has only won Ohio – the governor’s home state – so far in the GOP primary.

At one point, Kasich, who was visually piqued by the question, grabbed Sevastopulo’s recording device and turned it back on the reporter.


“Listen, at the end of the day I think the Republican Party wants to pick somebody who actually can win in the fall…” Kasich began.

“If you’ve only won Ohio…” Sevastopulo butted in.

“Can I finish?” Kasich said testily.

“If you answer the question,” Sevastopulo responded.

“I’m answering the question the way I want to answer it,” Kasich said. “You want to answer it?”

Kasich then snatched Sevastopulo’s voice recorder out of his hand and turned it toward him: “What do you think?”

“I think you should answer the question,” Sevastopulo said.

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