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Texas pastor breaks IRS rules and tells church to vote for Trump: ‘This election is about good vs evil’

During a sermon at his Cowboy Church of Corsicana in Texas this Wednesday, Pastor Derek Rogers told his parishioners that if they want to avoid voting for “evil” in 2020, they should cast their votes for Donald Trump.

“I know that as pastors, we’re not supposed to talk about politics and those type of things, but because we’ve avoided politics as pastors and hadn’t talked about the truth of God’s word, and the truth in politics, you can see the state of our society now. So I’m going to go out of the norm and I’m going to talk to you just for a minute tonight,” Rogers said in a video flagged by the Friendly Atheist.

According to the Friendly Atheist’s Hemant Mehta, Roger’s sermon is a “textbook violation of IRS policy” that should get his church’s tax-exempt status revoked.

Rogers went on to say that come this November, “you’re voting for good or evil.”

“You’re not voting for Democrat or Republican, you’re voting for good or evil, one or the other,” Rogers said. “And I’m just going to encourage you, and I’m going to say it like this: I don’t know how anybody could call themselves a born again Christian, and have a relationship with God, our Father, and know anything about the Bible and the truth of the Bible, I do not understand how anybody that calls themselves a Christian could vote for the agenda and the platform of Joe Biden.”

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