The guy who founded MyPillow spoke at CPAC and declared that Trump was ‘chosen by God’

The claim that Donald Trump was chosen by God is not just an idea disseminated by far-right evangelical Christian pastors; millionaire entrepreneurs are now apparently catching on to the idea, and one of them spoke at CPAC this week.

Mike Lindell, founder of MyPillow and former crackhead, first caught the favorable eye of Trumplandia when he refused to join advertisers who were boycotting Laura Ingraham‘s Fox News show. His stance earned him the title of President Trump‘s “BFF” and crowned him as a hero to Trump-supporting right wingers.

During his CPAC speech, Lindell recounted the first time he met Trump and realized he was another one of God’s “divine appointments.”

“Donald Trump invited me to meet him at Trump Tower in New York City,” Lindell said in a video clip posted by Right Wing Watch. “I walked into his office with high hopes on August 15th, 2016. I walked out of that office after meeting with him and I knew God had chosen him for such a time as this.”

The crowd cheered and applauded.

“God answered our prayers, our millions of prayers, and gave us grace and a miracle happened on November 8, 2016,” he continued. “We were given a second chance and time granted to get our country back on track with our conservative values and getting people saved in Jesus’ name.”

More cheers and applause.

“As I stand before you today, I see the greatest president history. Of course he is — he was chosen by God.”

As this rate, one day CPAC staffers are going to bring out a vat of Kool-Aid while the faithful form a line.

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Sky Palma

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