The joke’s on you, hipsters: Lawsuit claims there are no almonds in almond milk

Mother Jones has been on a crusade against almond milk – the nectar of hipsters and militant vegans everywhere. If their attempts at shaming you off the stuff hasn’t worked, then maybe the charge that there’s no almonds in it at all will do the trick.

According to the blog Food Navigator, a new lawsuit is claiming that Almond Breeze products only contain 2 percent Almonds, while the rest is mostly sugar, water, sunflower lecithin, and carrageenan.

The lawsuit states that “an extensive review of the recipes for almond milk” shows that the “vast majority of the recipes call for one part almond and three or four parts water, amounting to 25-33% of almonds.”

The lawsuit’s plaintiffs Tracy Albert and Dimitrios Malaxianis say the company is misleading consumers by claiming on its packaging that the product is “made from real almonds.”

They are seeking $5 million in damages from the Almond Breeze’s distributor, Blue Diamond.

h/t Mother Jones, featured image via The Coupon Project

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