The Sweary Words Coloring Book is the f*cking perfect Christmas present

The English language is great, which is why we should embrace cursing. Cursing is f*cking great.

If you run a blog like we do and your advertisers aren’t fond of cursing, just add a few strategically-placed asterisks and you can still get the idea across.

In honor of people who recognize the honesty and brilliance of curse words (studies show people who curse are smarter and more honest) comes a coloring book that beautifully decorates curse words so that you can enjoy them for the fantastic bon mots that they are. While these “studies” seem awfully convenient — as much as I enjoy a good swear session, I have to call bullsh*t — it’s still a fun piece of evidence to trot out when your curmudgeonly uncle complains about unnecessary bad language out there these days.

book 1

The Sweary Words Coloring Book hails from England and may not be appropriate for kids. but it’s good old-fashioned fun for the rest of us. You can either download the book with all 20 pages or download each individually. It’s the perfect Christmas present for your d*ckhead brother!

book 2

book 3

book 4

book 5

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