The Young Turks: Planned Parenthood lawsuit should hit anti-abortion group’s tax-exemption

This week, The Young Turks spent almost eight minutes discussing Planned Parenthood’s recent lawsuit against the Center for Medical Progress, the company that released the now-debunked videos of Planned Parenthood doctors supposedly selling aborted “baby parts” for cash.

The videos released by the CMP have been deemed to be heavily edited, untrue, and mostly an indictment of the very legal procedure of abortion more than anything else, but now Planned Parenthood is suing the CMP for out and out fraud, among other things.

As TYT’s Ana Kasparian points out, the CMP violated the Federal Racketeering and Corrupt Organization Act, or RICO act, by misrepresenting themselves to the IRS in order to gain tax-exempt status. Yes, that’s right — a company whose sole purpose is to take down Planned Parenthood was granted tax-exempt status based on lying to the IRS. This includes creating the fake company BioMax Procurement Services in order to get in the door at various Planned Parenthood centers.

How fake was BioMax? According to The Daily Intelligencer, it had a “fictitious CEO, faux employees, and a sham website. They even mocked up company materials.” That’s a lot of criminal activity to undertake to bring Planned Parenthood to “justice.”

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Kasparian believes the best plan of action for Planned Parenthood is to dig in to the CMP’s tax-exempt status. The CMP claimed it should be tax exempt because it was considered a “nonprofit charity for its work as a self-proclaimed bio-ethics awareness group.”

Wow. I can’t even decide where to begin with the hypocrisy here. This is perhaps the most Machiavellian charity I’ve ever seen. Not to mention, as Kasparian says, it’s a political group, not a charity.

Co-panelist Jimmy Dore couldn’t believe the CMP isn’t already being investigated by the government considering how many laws they’ve broken. “Why does it take a lawsuit?” Dore asked. “Why doesn’t this ‘liberal dictator’ Barack Obama — you would think he would be doing something, right?”

As Dore then points out, this is “a losing issue for Republicans.” More people in the U.S. are pro-Planned Parenthood and pro-choice than not.

The whole segment is definitely worth watching, especially if you believe women of all socio-economic statuses deserve healthcare.

Video is below:

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