These undergarments display the 4th Amendment when x-rayed by the TSA

Earlier this month, a horrific confrontation on a United Airlines plane drew attention to the overreach of authorities in airports. Now a new line of underwear by 4th Amendment Wear is bringing attention specifically to the overreach of another group of people in airports: TSA agents.

“Using metallic ink, 4th Amendment Wear literally prints the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution onto t-shirts, underwear for men and women, and ‘perverts’ kid’s underclothes’ for when the TSA agent goes too far with your children,” Red Alert Politics states.

The Fourth Amendment is frequently cited to protest full-body scanning conducted by the TSA before people can board their flights. While this procedure is meant to detect potential violent threats, across both sides of the political spectrum, full-body scanning has been regarded as invasive and uncomfortable to men, women and children alike.

The Fourth Amendment protects Americans from illegal searches and seizures from government entities.

On its website, 4th Amendment Wear describes its products as a means to “assert your rights without saying a word.”

Here’s what TSA agents will see when they scan individuals wearing their underwear:

And their shirts:

Featured image via Twitter