This guy used a brilliant Snapchat posting spree to get over his ex-girlfriend

According to Imgur user musicmax33, “Billy” is going through a rough breakup. But apparently, a good way to deal with this special kind of pain is to channel it in an amusing and ironic way – and Billy chose to do just that with the mobile messaging app Snapchat.

How does this guy get any work done?

snap 1snap 2 snap 3 snap 4snap 5snap 6snap 7snap 8snap 9snap 10

Then things got slightly creepy. snap 11snap 12

But he was back to non-creep mode in no time. snap 13

Oh wait, never mind. snap 14

That’s better. snap 15snap 16snap 17snap 18snap 19snap 20snap 21

This hasn’t been confirmed, but apparently his ex decided to issue her own response. Whether this is truly his ex or someone just trolling him, we can’t know yet. Either way, it’s brilliant in its own right. snap 22snap 23snap 24snap 26snap 27snap 28snap 29snap 30

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