Tom Cruise and Scientology are reportedly freaking out about Leah Remini’s tell-all book

Tom Cruise is allegedly “freaking out” about Leah Remini’s new book, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology, where the former “King of Queens” star speaks frankly, specifically mentioning Cruise’s weird dealings inside the church.

New reports of Cruise’s issues with Remini follow last week’s report that Cruise was angry that his ex-wife Katie Holmes reached out and apologized to Remini for her actions in the past.

“He thinks [Remini’s book is] a major betrayal. Leah is what the church calls a ‘suppressive person,’ so she’s evil in his mind,” an anonymous source told Us Weekly, adding: “He wipes the memory of any SP out of his life. He’s letting the Scientology people discredit her.”

Remini was active in the Church of Scientology from the age of nine until 2013. In her book, she claims that she has spent millions on training and donations, and further alleges that she donated $1 million before she was able to meet Tom Cruise. 

Cruise and Remini’s troubled history started at Cruise’s 2006 wedding to Katie Holmes. At the wedding, Remini gained the label of a “troublemaker” after she allegedly asked David Miscavige about his wife, who has not been seen in public for several years. In 2013, Remini filed a missing persons report for Michelle Miscavige, and although police dismissed the report after allegedly meeting Miscavige in person, she has still not been seen in public.

Holmes filed a complaint against Remini, both for her questions and for telling Holmes and Cruise to “get a freaking room” after she saw Tom “forcibly kissing Katie” during the ceremony. The church forced Remini to undergo $300,000 worth of “retraining” after the incident.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 9.51.10 AM
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise in happier times (Flickr).

Holmes, who left the church after divorcing Cruise, apologized to Remini last month, which allegedly triggered Cruise’s anger.

Remini’s book mentions Cruise several times, and details Cruise’s extravagant Rome wedding and parties that the movie star often threw at his house. Remini recounts one celebrity-filled party where Cruise started a game of hide-and-seek with Will Smith.

Cruise, who reportedly does not usually follow the news, found out about Remini’s tell-all and Holmes’s apology through contacts in Scientology. The US Weekly source further alleges that Cruise is particularly angry about Holmes’s apology since she signed a non-discolsure agreement. Holmes’s one sentence apology did not reveal any personal information, and simply apologized to Remini and wished her the best.

The Church of Scientology reacted typically, threatening Remini with lawsuits and making attempts to discredit her character.

In an official statement, the Church said “She  needs to move on with her life instead of pathetically exploiting her former religion, her former friends and other celebrities for money and attention to appear relevant again.”

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