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Tomi Lahren slams cancel culture — by calling on people to ‘cancel companies’ she doesn’t like


During a segment on Fox News this Tuesday, conservative commentator Tomi Lahren took her turn contributing to right-wing media’s latest obsession over cancel culture, saying that it’s time for people to “start canceling” companies she deems to be guilty of canceling people and brands she ideologically aligns with.

The subject of the segment was the latest blow-up over Dr. Seuss Enterprises ceasing to publish certain books some see as problematic due to racist and insensitive imagery.

According to Lahren, liberals and progressives are “going to cancel everyone,” and the only way to fight back is to respond in kind.

“It’s time we start fighting back,” Lahren said. “It’s time we start canceling the companies that cancel other people, that cancel other ideas and say, ‘Hey listen, we don’t like how radical you’re being with your cancel culture so we’re not going to shop there.’”

“It’s time that we join together in numbers like the way the cancel culture mob has done so and fight back!” she declared.

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