Trump badgers Newsmax Host: ‘You people will probably cut out what I’m saying’

During a recent appearance on Newsmax, former President Donald Trump railed against the “dishonesty” of the Jan. 6 committee, accusing them of refusing to look at evidence that “refutes January 6th.”

“They don’t talk about the election numbers, they don’t analyze the election,” Trump said.

According to Trump, the people who attended his “Stop the Steal” rally on the day of the Capitol riot were there because they truly believed the election was stolen.

“So what [the Jan. 6 committee] should be doing is trying to convince people that it wasn’t,” Trump said. “You do that through analyzing the numbers. They don’t want to do that — in fact, they don’t even want to hear that, and [Fox News] doesn’t put it on, and by the way you people don’t put it on either. You’re afraid of being sued or something, I don’t know — someday you’ll have to explain that.”

“If fact, you’ll probably cut what I’m saying now out of Newsmax,” Trump continued.

“Of course not!” Newsmax host Rob Finnerty replied. “This’ll be on Wake Up America tomorrow morning, sir. Absolutely not!”

Watch the video below:

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