Trump mocks the press with guy who murders journalists

During the G-20 summit in Germany this Friday, the widely anticipated meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Trump finally became a reality. During a friendly chat just before their two-hour meeting, the two shared a laugh at the expense of the press who were in the room.

As the reporters were being hustled out of the room, Putin turned to Trump and reportedly said, “These are the ones who insulted you?”

Trump chuckled and replied, “These are the ones. You’re right about that.”

Video of the exchange was first shared on Twitter by Pravda reporter Dmitry Smirnov, and was then retweeted by CNN’s Jim Sciutto who provided the translation.

In Putin’s Russia, press freedoms are severely restricted and journalists who’ve dared to criticize and expose Putin’s agenda have turned up dead. According to Politifact, at least 34 journalists have been murdered in Russia since Putin came to power in 2000. Although there is no direct evidence linking Putin to the murders of journalists, he’s “surely lowered the cost,” according to Nina Ognianova of the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Back in March, The Washington Post compiled a list of ten Putin critics who “died violently or in suspicious ways.” You can read that report here.

Featured image: Mikhail Klimentyev/Zuma

Sky Palma

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