Trump Jr says RFK Jr is a ‘Democrat plant’ to tank his dad’s campaign

In a recent speech to Iowans while campaigning for his dad, Donald Trump Jr. said that the Independent candidacy of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is just a conspiracy concocted by Democrats to sabotage his dad’s 2024 campaign, The Messenger reported.

“It legitimately always felt like it was a Democrat plant to hurt the Trump thing,” Trump Jr. said. “He wouldn’t be there if the Democrats didn’t want him.”

Kennedy was initially running as a Democrat but has since changed his party affiliation to Independent.

Trump Jr. warned Trump supporters to not get their hopes up about Kennedy.

“Once you actually look at his voting record, you’re like, no, he’s just a liberal that is anti-vax,” Trump Jr. said. “Being anti-vax, I don’t think that’s enough.”

Sky Palma

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