Trump says parents of dead Korean War soldiers asked him to ‘bring their sons home’ (Parents of Korean War soldiers are dead)

In his first interview with Donald Trump since he became president, Fox News anchor Bret Baier asked him about his historic summit with North Korea’s Kim Kong Un, and Trump didn’t fail to make a mess of it.

In one segment of the interview, Baier reminds Trump that Kim is a vicious “killer” dictator who “executes people.”

But according to Trump, the nightmarish horrors of North Korea should be taken in stride.

“He’s a tough guy,” Trump said speaking of Kim, who has one of the world’s worst human rights records.

“When you take over a tough country, tough people, and take over from your father – I don’t care who you are, what you are, how much of an advantage you have,” Trump continued. “If you can do that at 27 years old, that’s one in 10,000 who can do that. He’s a very smart guy, a great negotiator. But I think we understand each other.”

But Baier didn’t let it go, again tenderly reminding Trump that Kim has “done some really bad things.”

“Yeah, but so have a lot of other people done some really bad things,” Trump countered. “I could go through a lot of nations where a lot of bad things were done.”

The comment echoed a sentiment Trump shared back in 2017 during an interview with then-Fox News host Bill O’Reilly. When asked about Putin’s alleged assassinations of adversarial journalists, Trump brushed it off by saying, “There are a lot of killers … You think our country is so innocent?”

After vaguely answering Baier’s question about his “agreement” with Kim, Trump threw in this little unforced error:

“…the soldiers that died in Korea, their remains are gonna be coming back home. And we have thousands of people who’ve asked for that. Thousands and thousands of people,” Trump said. “So many people asked when I was on the campaign. I’d say, ‘Wait a minute, I don’t have any relationship’ — and they’d say, ‘When you can, President, we’d love our son to be brought back home.”

The comment caught the attention of a few people, including Josh Marshall of Talking Points Memo who pointed out that if there were such a parent out there, they would probably be around 110-120 years old.

“Trump tells Fox that parents of soldiers killed in the Korean War asked him on the campaign trail to bring their sons home,” he tweeted. “Absolute minimum age of such a parents is 101 years old. Probable age 110 to 120.”

Other Twitter users began to chime in, bolstering Marshall’s observation that Trump’s story is likely a lie.

My uncle fought in the Korean War. He died in 2003 at the age of 82 (I believe). His parents are from a generation long gone.

Watch the full interview below:

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