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Tucker Carlson whines (literally) that US backs Ukraine and not Russia — guest responds: ‘Because Ukraine is a democracy’

During a segment on his show this Wednesday, Fox News host Tucker Carlson wondered “why we would take Ukraine’s side and not Russia’s side” in the conflict between the two countries.

“Hold on, why would we take Ukraine’s side and not Russia’s side?” Carlson asked his guest Rep. Mike Turner (R-OH). “It’s a sincere question, if you’re looking at America’s perspective.”

“Who’s got the energy reserves?” Carlson continued. “Who was the major player in world affairs? Who’s the potential counterbalance against China, which is the actual threat? Why would we take Ukraine’s side, why aren’t we on Russia’s side? I’m totally confused!”

After giving a quick geopolitics explainer, Turner said, “Ukraine is a democracy. Russia is an authoritarian regime that is seeking to impose its will upon a validly-elected democracy in Ukraine — and we’re on the side of democracy, that’s why people were chasing those planes in Afghanistan and they wouldn’t be chasing Russian ones. We’re for democracy, we’re for liberty. We’re not for authoritarian regimes coming and changing borders by tanks.”

“Yeah,” Carlson responded. “I guess I’m for democracies in other countries…”

Watch the video below:

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