Tulsa police release dash cam footage of cops shooting unarmed black man with his hands raised

Dash cam video released by Tulsa Police shows an unarmed black man being shot to death by cops – as his hands were in the air.

The footage released on Monday shows 40-year-old Terence Crutcher with his hands above his head just before cops opened fire.

The video shows multiple police cruisers approach Crutcher’s vehicle, which appears to be broken down in the middle of the road. Crutcher is seen with his hands in the air. Both hands appear to be empty. As he slowly walks toward his vehicle with his hands still raised, he is shot and killed.

According to ThinkProgress, none of the three videos from police cars and a fourth from a helicopter captures the entirety of the interaction between Crutcher and Officer Betty Shelby, the officer who shot and killed him.

However all videos show Crutcher with his hands raised, walking back to the side of his car as Shelby follows with her gun trained on him. Another officer fired his Taser around the same moment that Shelby shot Crutcher.

“His hands were in the air from all views,” local pastor Rodney Goss told the Tulsa World.

“It was not apparent at any angle from any point that he lunged, came toward, aggressively attacked, or made any sudden movements that would have been considered a threat or life-threatening toward the officer,” Goss added.

Watch the video below (Graphic):

And the helicopter video:



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