Video emerges of Jill Stein claiming wi-fi signals are harmful to children’s brains

Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s faint-hearted comments on vaccine science has earned her the deserved label of the official voice for anti-vaxxers this election season. Her staunchest defenders will claim she’s nothing of the sort, but it’s much deeper than that. Stein’s method of speaking vague pro-vaccine rhetoric while suggesting vaccine production is dangerous serves the anti-vaxxer’s agenda, which is to sow fear and distrust.

Now, a video has surfaced that pretty much solidifies Stein’s role alongside Donald Trump as the 2016 election’s official purveyor of pseudoscience.

The video was uploaded in March on the YouTube page for “Safe Tech for Schools,” which is a quack organization that rails against the “dangerous levels of radiation” emanating from wi-fi signals. To clarify, there is absolutely zero evidence to suggest that wi-fi is harmful to humans.

The video starts out with Stein taking questions from attendees at an assembly.

“My school district is rapidly moving towards one-to-one computers. Can you speak to the health issues?” an unidentified person asks.

“Wonderful, health issues, social issues — you name it,” Stein replies. “But to be staring at screens… We already know that kids who get put in front of TVs instead of interacting, this is not good in all kinds of ways. And it’s just not good for their cognitive, it’s not good for their social development, I mean, that is incredible that kids in kindergarten… We should be moving away from screens at all levels of education, not moving into them.”

“And this is another corporate ruse,” Stein continued. “This is another gimmick to try to make a buck — to make big bucks in fact — and education, and teachers, and communities suffer. So we need to stand up to that.”

Not a completely outrageous thing to say. But then the next question came.

“What about the wireless?” the unidentified woman followed up.

“We should not be subjecting kids’ brains especially to that,” Stein declared.

“And we don’t follow that issue in this country, but in Europe where they do, they have good precautions around wireless — maybe not good enough, because it’s very hard to study this stuff. We make guinea pigs out of whole populations and then we discover how many die. And this is like the paradigm for how public health works in this country and it’s outrageous, you know.”

Stein, who is a Harvard-educated medical doctor, made an effort to pander to the audience in front of her using logic made popular by internet meme quackery and junk pseudoscience websites.

Here’s your candidate, Green Party. Enjoy her.

Watch the video below:

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