VIDEO: Thousands of counter protestors run-off the Westboro Baptist Church in Oklahoma

From the Daily Kos:

It was a ‘no contest’ showdown, when thousands of folks in Moore, Oklahoma, came out in the cold and rain, to counter-protest the Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). The vile WBC group was scheduled to picket a school, where children had died in last year’s horrific tornadoes. Their allotted time was 2:00 – 2:30 on Sunday, April 6. The police were there to enforce free speech, but were hardly a deterrent when the large crowd began crossing the road towards the hate group. Within two minutes, the WBC picketers realized the danger, stuffed themselves, and their signs, into their vehicles – and left the scene rather quickly. Smart move on their part. No arrests were made.


Good for the folks of Oklahoma. This isn’t a first. Communities around the country continue to trump the WBC’s odious agenda. Last year the residents of Santa Monica, California, formed a human chain to border a pro-LGBT high school. The WBC had no choice but to slither away on that day as well.

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