WATCH: ‘Creepy video’ scares local residents, sparks police investigation

A disturbing video posted to LiveLeak last week has some California residents a little wary of visiting their local popular hiking spot.

The video, titled “I made a ‘Friend’ on the Mountain…Wait for it…,” features a masked individual filming a woman as she walks up the trail on Montara Mountain near Santa Cruz California, presumably unaware that she’s being filmed. The man who’s filming then turns the camera around in his direction, revealing an intense grin followed by insidious laughter after the camera pans back around. 

The person who posted the video writes, “Just the way I like to spend my time once I’m at the “Peak”…;) I’ll upload the rest of the video later…”

Police and park rangers are investigating the situation and reportedly have obtained the poster’s contact information. According to a statement from Cap. Daniel Steidle of the Pacifica Police Dept., a bulletin about a suspicious person in the Montara Mountain area was sent out last Thursday to other law inforcement agencies in the county.

“When someone posts a video like this, it warrants law enforcement’s attention,” Steidle said. “We have identified the individual and once we locate him, will (sic) find out what his intent is and put the public’s mind at ease.”

Watch the video in question below.



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