WATCH: Hero citizens put their lives on the line to stop man from beating his wife

Video has surfaced online showing a confrontation between three men (one holding the camera) and another man who was beating his (who we assume to be) wife with a metal flashlight in a parking lot.

At the outset of the video, the man can be seen assaulting the woman as she lay in the bed of his pickup truck. Due to broken glass on the ground, it appears as if he shattered the windows of her vehicle beforehand and dragged her out.

“Stay out of it guys!” the man yells as the two come to her rescue.

“What are you going to f*cking do?” one of the men asks.

As the camera pans into the bed of the truck, numerous wounds can be seen on the woman’s legs.

It’s at this point that the men go after the abuser as he tried to escape in his truck – with the cameraman actually jumping into the bed of the truck, smashing a window as the abuser speeds away.


[Bro Bible] Featured image via screen shot

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