Caught On Tape

Woman calls 9-11 after being asked to put dog on a leash: ‘An African American man is threatening me!’

A video is circulating social media showing a woman calling the police on an African American man, accusing him of “threatening” her life after he apparently ask her to keep her dog on a leash.

The video was uploaded to Twitter by a woman claiming to be the man’s sister and the incident reportedly took place over the Memorial Day weekend. When the man asked the woman to put her dog on a leash, that’s what allegedly triggered her to call the police.

“Please stop,” the woman says as the man began recording her. “Sir, I’m asking you to stop recording me.”

“Please don’t come close to me,” the man replies.

The woman then threatened to call the police, saying, “I’m going to tell them there’s an African-American man threatening my life.”

“Please tell them whatever you like,” the man tells her.

“There’s a man, an African-American, he’s recording and threatening me and my dog,” the woman says into her phone. “There is an African-American man in Central Park. He is recording me and threatening myself and my dog.”


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