If you know someone who doesn’t believe in evolution, show them this video

Although there are innumerable pieces of evidence that prove the theory of evolution, the video focuses only on Cetaceans, a group of animals that include dolphins, whales, and porpoises.

Stated Clearly, a YouTube channel devoted to genetic science, explained the theory of Evolution in terms so simple, that even a creationist could understand. The video is narrated by John Perry, and is vividly animated to visually exhibit the proof of Darwin’s Theory of Evolution.

Although there are innumerable pieces of evidence that prove the theory of evolution, the video focuses only on Cetaceans, a group of animals that include dolphins, whales, and porpoises. The video examines the evidence that cetaceans all evolved from a single land-dwelling ancestor. To prove the theory of evolution, the video looks at eight unique lines of evidence, as opposed to creationism’s lone line of defense, the bible.

The video starts by looking at the skeletons of cetaceans, specifically pointing out the strange mammal-like features of the animals, like lungs, nostril-like blowholes, and currently functionless leg bones. Many animals have strange, now useless, bones in their body, like the whale’s odd hind leg bones, and the human tailbone.

The examination goes on to investigate fossil evidence, which further corroborates with what we can gather from the current anatomy. From fossils, scientists discovered Maiacetes, a long-extinct animal, which resembled a whale with four functioning legs. Fossils also showed several other intermediate “walking whales.”

The video also explores DNA evidence which points to whales and hippos evolving from a common ancestor. This further proves the theory that whales evolved from four legged land animals. The goes on to examine embryonic evidence, which further links whales to other land mammals, clearly showing the links between the animals.

“Thousands of observable facts, from completely different fields of study, have come together to tell us the exact same story: All living things on earth are related,” concludes the video, which clocks in at just over ten minutes.


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  1. Tom Moe

    November 29, 2015 at 6:53 am

    You need to understand reality if you are to be taken seriously in dialologue. Most Creationist accept evolution. The problem we have with a Creatorless evolution is that there is no cause for anything, which is scientifically impossible to leave out. We also realize that modern science has made it clear that nothing can “program itself.” When you observe the amount of intelligence in nature it is hard (impossible) to believe that it all self programmed. Science by itself leaves people with a bigger step of faith than does Creation.

  2. I Thought I Saw It Move

    November 29, 2015 at 8:10 am

    Tom – just a couple of questions:

    1. Why do you think that nature “programs itself”? Evolution does not have an end goal – it doesn’t have a plan. Natural selection works on present populations, so that those animals who are best adapted to current conditions tend to survive and pass their genes on. In doing so, that process might send that species up a “dead end” so that future generations are unable to adapt to a future change in conditions, resulting in extinction (see, for example Giant Pandas and many more).

    2. Where is the intelligence in nature? Nature is very wasteful. Most species that have ever existed are now extinct. Many traits that exist in nature only make sense if they were unplanned and occurred because of something building on a pre-existing structure – for example the human eye being “wired” back to front, with nerves snaking across the retina (only an idiot would design something like that). And there are many things in nature that are obviously broken – for example the ascorbic acid (vitamin C) pseudogenes in great apes. Most animals have 4 genes that allow them to make vitamin C. The great apes also have this gene, but one of them has been disabled so none of the great apes (including humans) can make vitamin C – we have to get it from our diets. Why would any form of intelligence deliberately put in a broken form of something – they’d either put in a working version, or just leave it out (it does make sense in evolution, as all of the great apes share a common ancestor who had a vitamin C gene which was broken by a mutation, but was able to survive due to dietary availability of ascorbic acid. This was inherited by its descents, who all show the same identical fault in their vitamin C genes).

    3. You say that the problem with a Creatorless evolution is “that there is no cause for anything, which is scientifically impossible to leave out”. Could you tell us what the cause is for God – how did your Creator/ Designer come about? Fair’s fair – if evolution is impossible becuse you can’t percieve of a cause, the same must be true of any Creator as well.

  3. Robert

    November 29, 2015 at 9:42 am

    Faith AND Reason are not intrinsically incompatible are they.

  4. Scott Seibel

    December 1, 2015 at 9:06 am

    Intelligence evolves just like everything else. Intelligence is simply electro-chemical mechanics taking place within the physical structure of the brain and the brain, like all other organs, evolved. No faith required, because it’s consistent with how the world works. Faith is required when you attempt to understand things that operate outside of how the world actually works… things like miracles, virgin births, angels, giant boats that can hold all the species, talking snakes, everlasting life, etc.

  5. Tom Moe

    January 16, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    Not sure faith and reason are that separable. Lots of things that we say are true are things we never actually tested but believe to be true.

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