A brief explanation of ‘heterosexual privilege’

Jermaine Dickerson is the founder of Hero Nation, a “family-friendly comic convention that celebrates superheroes and diversity, with the mission that everyone has a hero inside of themselves that deserves to be celebrated.”

The day after Christmas, he posted an 11-part tweetstorm that exposes a form of “privilege” not many talk about. According to Dickerson, “heterosexual privilege” is a cultural phenomenon that either purposely or inadvertently seeks to keep the LGBT experience on the fringes.

The intro to Dickerson’s tweetstorm went massively viral, with the combined number of likes and retweets standing at well over 100,000 as of this writing.

Read it below:

One Twitter user tried to detract from Dickerson’s words, saying, “I’m a heterosexual woman and I don’t like the amount of sex I see in movies and TV regardless if it’s [Male-Female, Female-Female, or Male-Male]. The amount of affection in media needs to be cut back IMO. So I don’t think of it as privilege but forced onto me as well.”

But Dickerson wasn’t having it.

“Your preference for seeing less heterosexual sex everywhere doesn’t negate the institutional power or existence of heterosexual privilege,” he replied. “This is a false equivalency.”

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Sky Palma

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