Report reveals FBI’s past investigation into David Clark for unlawfully detaining a man who shook his head at him

David Clark’s penchant for corruption may be catching up with him.

While on an airplane in Dallas in January of last year, Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark encountered a man who asked him if he indeed was David Clark. When Clark said yes, the man walked to the back of the plane shaking his head in disapproval. When Clark confronted him and asked if he had a problem, the man simply shook his head no.

That was the extent of their interaction, nothing more and nothing less. But as soon as the man, who name is Dan Black, exited the plane, he was taken into custody by deputies who were waiting at the gate for him.

From the New York Daily News:

Dan Black said in a complaint submitted through the Milwaukee County Sheriff’s Office website that his gesture of disapproval was about football, not politics. Black said he was disappointed that Sheriff David Clarke was wearing Dallas Cowboys gear the same day that team was playing the Green Bay Packers in the divisional round of the playoffs.

According to court documents released today, the FBI had obtained a search warrant to search Clark’s gmail address for messages related to what looks like the unlawful detention of Black. According to court documents, Clark instructed his deputies to target Black after the incident on the plane.

The news was broke by Robert Snell of the Detroit News. Snell also noted that Black filed a complaint against Clark for unlawful detention.

Clark, who was a vocal supporter of Trump and even served as a surrogate on the campaign trail, was being considered for a position in the Trump White House as Homeland Security Secretary. He ultimately withdrew his name from consideration due to his questionable record.

[This article has been updated to reflect that the investigation into Clarke is not currently active]

Featured image via screen grab (YouTube)

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