Alex Jones melts down while listening to Joe Rogan mock his ‘second civil war’ conspiracy

After his prediction of a “second civil war” launched by Democrats didn’t come to pass on his set date of July 4, Alex Jones has been on the receiving end of some well-deserved mockery across social media, but that didn’t seem to affect Jones as much as the fact that his old friend Joe Rogan outright dismissed his crackpot conspiracy mongering during a July 4 podcast.

During his live webcast on July 1, Jones laid out the groundwork for his warning about what was about to take place on the 4th.

“Establishment publications that communicate with the governmental and corporate institutions, began to develop a plan for a civil emergency to use civil unrest, racial strife in America to force Trump out,” Jones declared.

“The globalists see July 4 as their new D-Day against us,” he added.

During his July 4 podcast, Rogan had on returning guest and fellow comedian Joey Diaz, and the two entered into a discussion about Jones’ unhinged rantings.

“Alex, you’ve gotta calm down,” Rogan said.

“Alex thinks I’m defending the new world order because I didn’t think George Soros was a Nazi,” Rogan continued, as Diaz chuckled. “It’s all so painful.”

“Alex Jones — I love you buddy, for real. But you say some silly sh*t,” Rogan added, clarifying that Jones’ penchant for saying crazy things is why he chose to call him out. “You’re a great guy, but there’s some sh*t that’s just silly, it’s a waste of time.”

“I think there’s real conspiracies,” Rogan continued. “But I think there’s some that — you know, people just get caught up in looking for conspiracies in everything. After a while it’s exhausting.”

“I love the guy, I really do, I just don’t support a lot of the sh*t he said.”

Hearing this clearly broke Jones’ heart. During his show this Sunday, he emotionally slammed Rogan’s critique, showing clips of Rogan’s commentary while giving bullet-point rebuttals in between.

“He knows it’s true!” Jones shouted, referring to the claim that Soros is a Nazi. “He’s been sent all the clips…”

The whole thing is hilarious.


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