Come Again?

Alex Jones urges fans to kill protesters ‘in a defensive way’

During a rant on his show last Wednesday, Alex Jones said that unrest in American cities was proof of his predictions of the “new world order” taking hold in the Unites States, and the only way for citizens to defend themselves is to “kill as many of them” as possible.

Jones says that his outlet InfoWars confirmed that “maoists” in major cities have “explosives and weapons and trucks loaded with ammonium nitrate and just chlorine gas—everything.”

“I want to avoid confrontation. I don’t need to put that on my belt that—I mean, I don’t even want to kill these globalists,” Jones said. “But if they want to kill us, the best thing to do in a defensive way is kill as many of them as quickly as possible. Again, the media will misquote that. I don’t want to offensively kill anybody. But I’m not going to take this, okay?”

“If they take down your country, if they destroy your bank account, they murder a bunch of patriot leaders, what are you going to do?” Jones continued. “Because you always talked about when the New World Order came in and when the U.N. did this​, you were going to go out and shoot folks in blue helmets. They don’t wear blue helmets. They show up in black uniforms and burn down your local courthouse and overthrow your government, run your life, and once they get control of your police, those officers are programmed robots now, they’ll follow orders to come after you.”

“If you’re running a war, you kill high-value targets, and that means the leadership of the New World Order,” he said.

[Right Wing Watch]

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