Caught On Tape

Anti-mask protesters invade South Florida Target store, chanting: ‘Take off your masks!’

A video that surfaced on Reddit shows a throng of anti-mask protesters, one wearing a red MAGA hat, marching through a Target in South Florida, according to the video’s uploader.

Even children marched with the group. Chants of, “Take your mask off!” and “We’re not gonna take it anymore!” echoed throughout the store as the group marched through aisles blasting music and chanting at customers who looked on.

“F*cking idiots,” the woman who filmed the video muttered to herself.

Watch the video below:

WELCOME TO SOUTH FLORIDA 🥴😷 #wearyourmask from r/PublicFreakout

Another video, uploaded to YouTube by protester Chris Nelson shows a longer version of the demonstration.

[This article has been updated with additional information]

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