Come Again?

Mark Taylor: Trump better start arresting Democrats or ‘patriots will take matters into their own hands’

During an appearance on the McFiles program this Monday, career conspiracy theorist and Christian MAGA “prophet” Mark Taylor warned that if President Trump doesn’t start arresting some high-profile Democrats soon, “patriots” will step in and do the job for him.

“[Trump] can’t wait too long because we don’t want a civil war starting because the patriots are fed up with this,” Taylor said in a video clip flagged by Right Wing Watch. “[There] was a very well-known and reputable military-type of Twitter account that put out a statement from an ex-veteran that was basically putting the warning out that you guys better get your stuff together because if we take matters into our own hands to take back this country, it ain’t going to be good. And that’s what I’ve been warning about.”

Sounds like Mark is inciting violence.

Watch the video below:

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