Author tweets all the acts of terrorism she endured while working at Planned Parenthood

From her Twitter account, author Brynn Greenwood listed multiple acts of terrorism she lived through while working at a Planned Parenthood in Kansas for three years. Greenwood tweeted examples of violent acts against her and other workers, which included death threats, homemade bombs, and gunfire.

Greenwood claims that on four occasions, gasoline was poured under the clinic doors and ignited. Two of the incidents occurred when patients were inside, causing the clinic to be evacuated. Greenwood also said that Butyric Acid was poured under the clinic’s door and in the air vents “so many times I lost count,” leading to many evacuations.

Greenwood also volunteered at George Tiller’s abortion clinic when the doctor was shot in 1993. Tiller returned to work the next day. Greenwood described Tiller as a “caring man, who knew how important his work was.” Dr. Tiller was shot in killed by a pro-life extremist in 2009 while attending church in Wichita, KS.

“Abortions are still provided in Dr. Tiller’s old clinic, because that’s how you respond to terrorism,” concluded Greenwood. “We can’t let them win.”

[RawStory] Featured image: Bryn Greenwood (Facebook)

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