Ben Carson: Trump is being used by God like ‘King David’ and is a ‘man after God’s own heart’

During an appearance on Fox News this Monday, former GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson compared Donald Trump to the biblical figure King David, suggesting Trump is being used by God.

“You know, you think about the bible and King David. Most of the people, if these people, if they were alive back in those days, would say, ‘Oh, what a horrible guy!’ You know the episode with Bathsheba and some of the other things he did. And yet, he was a man after God’s own heart,” Carson said.

““God uses different people for different times. You need somebody with a Manhattan business-type personality to deal with the administrative state,” Carson continued.

“That doesn’t mean he can’t be, I’ve seen him. When he’s not being attacked, he’s a wonderful person. Everybody, I think, would love him.”

Fox host Neil Cavuto then asked Carson to clarify if he was comparing Trump to King David, to which Carson nodded yes.

Watch the video below:


Sky Palma

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