Trump’s lawyer: Criminal charges against Trump are all part of an ‘orchestrated demonic plan’

Donald Trump’s son Eric and his wife Lara, along with his attorney Alina Habba, appeared on self-proclaimed “prophet” Amanda Grace‘s livestream event that took place just before the Iowa caucuses. Also in attendance were Trump confidante Roger Stone, conspiracy theorist Clay Clark, MAGA pastor Jackson Lahmeyer, and “prophet” Robin Bullock, Right Wing Watch reported.

At one point in the broadcast, Habba claimed that Trump’s myriad legal headaches are all part of a “demonic plan.”

“I think that there is a plan,” Habba said. “There’s God’s plan, and then there’s a demonic plan. And the demonic plan is very easily confused with real life.”

“There’s an orchestrated thing going on here. Don’t get it twisted. We have cases lined up intentionally during election time, intentionally trying to get negative attention right before an election,” she continued.

“He’s being pulled from the campaign time and time again to be deposed, to be subpoenaed, to go to trial, to fight the fight to clear his name,” she said. “But the people that know him and the people that have faith and are reading—the people that are educating themselves, the people that are not listening to the fake news—they will understand and they do understand and they stand with him. And honestly, we’re flipping the ones that don’t know, because their demonic plan is so obvious.”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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