Bill Barr: I warned Trump that Rudy Giuliani was an ‘unguided missile’ who would get him impeached

In a new memoir that’s due to be on shelves this Tuesday, former Attorney General for the Trump administration Bill Barr recounted how he disliked Rudy Giuliani and predicted that he would end up getting Donald Trump impeached.

The book, titled, One Damn Thing After Another, reveals that despite Barr’s warnings about Giuliani, then-President Trump continued to work with him on the alleged Ukraine extortion scheme that led to his first impeachment, according to an excerpt from the book published at Newsweek.

“President Trump’s impeachment was a self-inflicted wound,” Barr wrote. “Much of the blame for getting the president impeached, in my view, must be laid at the feet of Rudy Giuliani.”

Barr claims he told Trump to release a transcript of his infamous call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky in order to dispel accusations that he tried to extort the Ukrainian leader, but Trump hesitated.

“The whole scheme was bound to backfire,” Barr wrote. “And Giuliani’s public grandstanding, and the unsavory figures he got involved with, ended up seriously undermining his credibility — not to mention tainting the president.”

“Rudy Giuliani saved New York City after 9/11 and should go down as probably the most consequential mayor of a big city in American history,” he added. “But he will also go down as the man who helped President Trump get himself impeached — not once but, as it turned out, twice.”

“From the beginning of my tenure, I’d worried that Giuliani was an unguided missile, and Ukraine, a morass of misinformation,” he wrote. “I was determined to steer the department clear of them as best I could and, if we had to deal with them at all, do so with the utmost caution.”

Read the full excerpt over at Newsweek.

Sky Palma

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