Bill Maher: ‘This election gave us permission to smoke weed, and a reason we need to’

On this Friday’s Real Time, host Bill Maher started out with a silver lining to Donald Trump‘s victory in the 2016 Election: marijuana is now legal in many states.

“This election gave us permission to smoke weed,” Maher said. “And a reason we need to.”

“Colorado legalized assisted suicide,” Maher continued. “I know what you’re saying — ‘Road trip!'”

Maher said the closest analogy he could find for the election is “a night after hard drinking” where you wake up the next morning next to an undesirable person and say to yourself, “What have I done?”

“Maybe if I pretend I’m asleep, they’ll get their things and leave.”

“So enjoy your victory, Trump voters,” Maher said. “Because when you’re dying because you don’t have health insurance to treat the infection you got from a back alley abortion you had to get because of fetal lead poisoning, you can say to yourself, ‘At least I didn’t vote for someone with a private email server.'”

Watch the video below:

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