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Black family purchases basketball, store manager promptly accuses them of theft

In yet another viral video, a white Nike store manager in Santa Monica, California accuses a black family of stealing a basketball which they bought for their toddler son, prompting the family to accuse the manager of racial profiling.

TaMiya Dickerson posted a video to Facebook that starts out showing her young son playing with his “first basketball” inside the store. Later, the video shows the family outside the store arguing with the manager as police try to mitigate the situation. The video also shows the receipt for the basketball. According to Dickerson, the manager followed them outside of the store and accused them of stealing, even though the family told her that they purchased it. The manager then reportedly flagged down police for help.

“Emotions got high as my family and I tried to explain we paid for the ball, it’s ours we own it,” Dickerson wrote in her Facebook post. “We were accosted on all sides having to stoop to her level.”

As CBS News points out, Dickerson demanded an apology from the store and a full refund. Nike has since issued a statement on the incident.

“We are taking the recent situation at our Santa Monica store very seriously, and we are currently investigating the facts,” a spokesperson for Nike told CBS. “We have reached out to the family to express our deepest apologies, and we will continue to work with our teams to deliver on our expectations for consumer experiences.”

Watch Dickerson’s video below:

#repost My Story😡 feel free to Share. We don’t fear no evil! Imagine being a 19 month old black baby boy. Your father purchased you your first basketball at 9:01 pm on a Friday night. A moment that creates a bond you will always be connected to. But in an instance someone steals your ball; because they accuse your father of shop lifting. Welcome to America Sammy. I hope you don’t have to get used to this – DadAs commotion rises in the air from the earthquake we decided to head to Santa Monica with our friends in town. Feeling eerie about the quakes we decided to push through as we were visiting one of our favorite stores, Nike. As we went inside the store we notice the upstairs was for men and the downstairs for women. I walked up the stairs with my son on my shoulders feeling really proud. The earthquake dissipated from my mind. We saw kids playing and looked at one playing with an orange basketball. I thought to myself I want to buy my son his first ball here at Nike because I really love the brand. Little did I know after purchasing this orange toddler size basketball that I would be followed and profiled as I leave the store. We cross the street as my son Samuel and I are embracing our father and son moment to hear a lady tell us STOP can you return the ball you stole from the store. I looked at her in disbelief. Like it was a joke but she wouldn’t stop following my family and I. She reached out saying again return the stolen ball. I looked back at her and told her “I didn’t steal the ball, I paid for this” as we begin to exchange words I keep walking. The next thing I know an officer came up to me an said hey sir, you stole that ball. The woman was standing with them accusing me of stealing the ball saying I needed to give it back. Emotions got high as my family and I tried to explain we paid for the ball, it’s ours we own it. We were accosted on all sides having to stoop to her level. This seems to be the American way for people like us. This has happened, far too many times to me personally. My son, I would hope, will never have to experience this again.

Posted by TaMiya Dickerson on Saturday, July 6, 2019

Featured image via screen grab

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