Bodycam footage shows drunk police captain trying to wiggle out of DUI — arresting officer tells him: ‘I don’t show favoritism’

The Oklahoma City Police Department has released arrest footage of its own Capt. James French, who is a 32-year veteran the department, being given a field sobriety test while asking the arresting officer to cut him a break — to which the officer declines.

French can be heard in the video identifying himself as a captain with the investigations bureau of the department, admitting that he had three or four beers at a poker game that evening. He then asks the officer to turn off his body camera so the two can talk, but the officer refuses.

“I’m not turning my camera off. You got to be kidding me,” the officer says.

French later does poorly on the sobriety test, prompting to continue to ask the officer to turn off his camera.

“I don’t show favoritism to anyone, regardless,” the officer can be heard saying. “I don’t care if you’re a gang banger or the President of the United States… If I were to treat you differently than I was to treat like, some southside loco or some pedo how’s that look on me?”

Watch the video below:

Sky Palma

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