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Candace Owens: ‘Not a single element of our day to day lives’ is affected by the government shutdown

As the government shutdown enters into its 24th day, partisan bickering over who’s to blame is reaching a fever pitch. But it’s safe to say that President Trump’s most vocal loyalists are losing that battle, allowing themselves to be seen as uncaring about the financial strains the shutdown has cast upon federal workers.

Trump loyalist and Turning Point USA’s communications director Candace Owens makes a good living for herself as a political commentator and it’s safe to say that she doesn’t receive a single government paycheck, but according to a remarkably tone-deaf tweet she fired off last week, it seems as though she thinks no one else does either.

“It’s Week 3 of our government shutdown and literally not a single element of our day to day lives has been affected,” Owens tweeted on January 9. “Really makes you wonder what the hell exactly our government does when it’s open.”

As it stands, many federal employees are working without pay and many of them missed their first paycheck this past Friday. As the Washington Post points out, about 800,000 employees in the nine Cabinet departments and various smaller agencies whose funding has lapsed are either working without pay or have been furloughed.

Another report from the Post highlighted how the shutdown is affecting the retirement plans for some federal workers.

They’re stuck waiting for their retirement packages to be fully processed because the employees who handle that paperwork are furloughed. As a result, some employees who retired during the shutdown are having difficulty tapping into their Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), the government’s version of a 401(k).

Owens’ tweet sparked a thread of commenters who were simply baffled as to what the fuck she was talking about.

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